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Vanessa Beaded jewelry

Address: 2660 Godby Rd
GA 30349
Phone: (404)-207-0440
Website: Visit Our Website

Vanessa Beaded Jewelry was started in Norfolk Virginia in 2000. I was the first to bring beaded jewelry to the Tidewater area and the first to bring beaded jewelry to the ATL. Beaded Jewelry is affordable and each piece is different and unique.Definitely will make you stand out in the crowd.Beaded Jewelry is handmade and designed by me (Vanessa) and i put love and pride into each piece.I love making beaded jewelry and most of all ,I enjoy seeing my customers happy and wearing my jewelry designs.You can pick designs from my online store or request your jewelry to be created freestyle (by email or phone 404-207-0440).Thanks for taking the time out to view my site.
Vanessa Beaded Jewelry
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Shamballa Bracelets Atlanta

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